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Photographic Competition Entry


Have you taken any striking images of our beautiful residents or wild birds of prey? Enter your images into our annual competition for the chance to win a private, one-on-one experience at the Trust tailored to your interests, it can include flying or photographing our birds (or perhaps a combination of both!). Plus all winning images will be displayed at the Trust.

We are looking for high quality images with great composition which fit into the following categories:

  1. Portrait – portrait of a Hawk Conservancy Trust bird (or Trust animal)
  2. Action – resident Trust birds of prey (or animals) in action
  3. Working relationship – between a member of Trust staff and a bird of prey (or Trust animal) in any location where the Trust is actively working
  4. Flora and fauna – wildflowers, shrubs, plants, trees, insects, mammals, wildlife and the sculptures around the Trust grounds (excludes birds of prey)
  5. In the wild – wild (non-captive/non-Trust) birds of prey in their natural settings
  6. Impression – we’re after photos that you feel sum up a visit to the Trust.

Please note: by entering this competition you take full responsibility for obtaining permission from all people included in your photograph (if their faces are visible).

How to enter

Purchase your entry and then go to our main Photographic Competition page and follow the instructions to register as a user and upload your entries. Good luck!